1. We DO NOT ship inflated balloons due to the fact that the balloons either pop or deflate in the process of arriving to its destination. We do however provide kits which include the following:         
  • 36" Balloon (deflated)
  • 7 Tassels of preferred colors or shapes
  • 8 FT. string
  • Gold Fringe
  • Once the balloon has been shipped and arrived to it's destination, we are NOT RESPONSIBLE if the balloon pops/deflates because there are so many factors that cause a balloon to pop, such as the weather or how much helium was put into the balloon. 
  • We do REPLACE the balloon if you are located in Austin, TX and alert us within the hour of the balloon popping at NO charge.  
  • We ONLY deliver in downtown Austin, TX and West Lake for a delivery fee of $5. 
  • Pick- Up for balloons IS available upon request. 
  • We provide customization for ALL balloons upon request. 
  • If you want a specific balloon, we need AT LEAST 1 day in advance to have your balloons ready. IF the balloon order consists of 5 or more, please let us know AT LEAST 3 days in advance. 
  • For order of 15 balloons or more, we offer special pricing! 

If you have further questions, please contact us at any time via: theballoonbartx@gmail.com